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    Why Work With GE

    We help you hire the right growth expertise quickly, cost-effectively, and on flexible terms

    Handpicked talent

    • We deliver experts from our global talent pool with a proven track record of driving growth and the knowledge of best-in-class growth practices
    • We hand-match you with the right candidates for your specific needs and hiring situation
    • If you are not satisfied with the expert you engage for whatever reason, terminate the contract immediately, and we will find you a new match
    • We monitor performance of our experts and only work with those who demonstrate continued excellence in their work

    Faster hiring process

    • We have assembled an exclusive network of top-quality, ready-to-hire growth experts
    • We source the best candidates for the job within days, not weeks or months
    • We facilitate the selection process by delivering for your consideration only the people with relevant skillset and track record
    • We enable you to move faster, while avoiding opportunity cost of a time-consuming talent search

    Hiring flexibility

    • We can help you source specific growth expertise for a short-term project
    • We enable you to hire on a contract basis if you don’t yet need full-time resources
    • If you are looking for a full-time person, we offer the flexibility of a contract-to-hire approach as a way to test the candidate’s skills and fit before making a longer term commitment
    • Ramp your growth efforts up and down, as needed, by transitioning growth experts between part-time and full-time roles

    Financial benefits

    • Optimize costs by accessing competitively priced global talent
    • Hire growth talent at a lower cost compared to an in-house approach – save on employment-related expenses
    • Avoid employee termination costs – stop working with a growth expert as quickly as you have started
    • Our pricing is transparent. Work with our experts on a fixed hourly rate or on a fixed-price project basis