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    Top 6 GH Bootcamps

    Top 6 Growth Hacking Bootcamps

    This post was originally published in March 2017 and has been updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

    What do you do if you want to become a growth hacker but don’t have extensive product development or marketing background? Consider a growth hacking bootcamp as a viable option to acquire the necessary skills and jumpstart your growth hacking career.

    As more and more professionals are transitioning into growth marketing, they are looking for a way to upgrade their skillset in order to land their dream job and be able to make an impact.

    Recently, a few such options emerged, as best growth hacking practices have been discovered by growth leaders and are now ready to be imparted in a structured way.

    To help you get on the right track, we’ve compiled a list of world’s top programs (in alphabetical order) that help people from all backgrounds advance or transition into a growth hacking career.

    Elium Academy – Brussels

    Elium Academy – Brussels

    Elium Academy, a  Belgian tech bootcamp, recently launched a 12-week growth hacking track in partnership with Growth Agency, a growth hacking and data-driven marketing agency. The program takes students through a journey of learning and practicing growth hacking skills in a real-life setting.

    Elium Academy seeks applicants with degrees in marketing, design, engineering, and communication. Only 12 students are accepted into each cohort and the program has a waiting list.

    The program kicks off with two weeks of intensive, in-class learning sessions. The classes focus on three pillars of growth hacking: automation and engineering, lean experimentation and data, and creative marketing.

    In the third week, students are teamed up in threes to work on real growth hacking projects with startups and innovative corporates. A tangible deliverable is due every two weeks. Students spend one day a week back at the academy, getting advice from a dedicated growth mentor, teachers, and fellow students.

    Students, applying to Elium Academy, have a choice of attending the full bootcamp or only the two-week class part. Elium Academy offers scholarships to selected experienced candidates.

    Elium Academy supports students during the recruitment process, including through introductions via its extensive network.

    Elium Academy

    Growth Tribe Academy – Amsterdam

    Growth Tribe Academy - Amsterdam

    Growth Tribe’s Growth Hacking Academy is Europe’s premier growth hacking training program located in Amsterdam and founded by David Arnoux, one of the top growth hackers in the world. This is a high-intensity, fully-immersive, three-month program that combines in-class teaching and practical experience at startups.

    To be eligible, applicants must have either a Bachelor’s or a Master’s degree and background in analytics, coding, business, marketing, or design. Students are selected to form teams of three: one coder + one creative + one analyst.

    During the first week, the students are taught the fundamentals of growth hacking. Starting with the second week, students spend one day at a workshop, where they receive coaching from the program’s teachers and listen to high-profile guest speakers, and four days working on a real-life project at a startup.

    Graduates of the program are highly valued in the market and Growth Hacking Academy boasts a 95% student placement rate within the first month of completing the program.

    3-Month Growth Hacking Academy by Growth Tribe

    Growth Hacking Academy also offers an option to attend a 6-week evening course or a two-day growth hacking crash course. The latter is regularly held in Amsterdam and London.

    LONDON – 2-Day Growth Hacking Training by Growth Tribe

    GrowthX Academy – San Francisco

    GrowthX Academy – San Francisco

    GrowthX Academy was launched by the Silicon Valley-based VC fund GrowthX in response to the massive shortage of growth talent that they see in potential portfolio companies.

    GrowthX Academy offers an on-site, 12-week, immersive program to help aspiring growth professionals transition into Growth Marketing, Sales & Business Development, or UX Design roles at tech companies. It also offers an alternative 20-week weeknights and weekend program which combines in-person and online learning.

    The program seeks smart, driven professionals who are looking to acquire the skills needed to develop and market innovative products. No previous background in tech is required. Students choose one of the verticals and spend most of the time working on real problems with startups based in the Silicon Valley.

    Students get a chance to work closely together with other innovators and expand their professional network. GrowthX Academy also provides access to a network of professional mentors who have first-hand experience of building successful tech companies.

    Become a Growth Marketer at GrowthX Academy

    Reforge – San Francisco

    Reforge – San Francisco

    Reforge Growth Series is a selective 8-week growth hacking program that is run by Silicon Valley’s thought leaders on growth: Brian Balfour, former VP of Growth at Hubspot, and Andrew Chen, Growth at Uber. The program is for experienced professionals looking to accelerate their career path.

    Applicants to the program are screened on their professional experience as well as type and growth stage of their company. Reforge admits professionals with at least three years of experience in marketing, product management, design, engineering, or a related field. The number of program spots is limited to 200, and Reforge typically invites only 20% of those who apply. About a third of previous program participants attended the program remotely.

    Reforge Growth Series aims to help students (i) lay a comprehensive foundation on how to think about the entire picture of growth, (ii) develop a systematic framework for developing a compelling growth strategy, and (iii) build relationships with other top growth practitioners.

    The program includes weekly lectures, case studies, online discussion and Q&A, and in-person events with top growth leaders. Course sessions regularly feature interviews with growth experts from leading tech companies, including Dropbox, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and others, who provide inspiration through real stories and examples.

    Startup Institute – Boston and New York

    Startup Institute – Boston and New York

    The Startup Institute’s digital marketing track provides students with the foundational knowledge to succeed in their growth marketing careers.

    This is a two-month program that aims to simulate the startup experience by engraining students in cross-functional projects with local companies. The goal of the program is to figure out who is fit for the startup world and prepare the students to be able to hit the ground running.

    To qualify for the program, applicants are asked to go through a 5-step process, including two interviews and a homework assignment. It’s an initial assessment of whether the student has what it takes to make it through the program and become employable.

    Each cohort is capped at 60 students. The classes are taught by employees from over 100 partner startups.

    The technical side of the course covers all key areas of digital marketing, including SEO, paid search, content marketing, email marketing, and analytics, to name a few. Students get a hands-on experience with constructing landing pages, writing blogs, and running SQL queries.

    The program also offers weekly one-on-one career coaching sessions and numerous networking opportunities.

    The Startup Institute Journey

    Tradecraft – San Francisco

    Tradecraft – San Francisco

    This is a full-time, in-person, 12-week training program designed for people who want to work in growth and leadership roles at startups. Designed by the leading growth experts, the program ensures that graduates come out of the program well-prepared to apply their knowledge and start making an impact on day one in a high-growth startup environment.

    Tradecraft offers training in three primary tracks: Product Design, Growth, and Business Development and Sales. Tradecraft is a selective program and has a three-step admission process, including an in-person interview. Once you are admitted into a particular track, you are put to work with world-class mentors, such as Sean Ellis of and Hiten Shah of Kissmetrics, and equally motivated and inspiring peers doing real work for startups and established companies.

    Tradecraft provides candidates with skills, real-life experience, network building opportunities, and active placement assistance and overall represents a significant stepping stone in the growth career journey.

    Here is a brief summary of the top 6 growth hacking bootcamps outlined above.

    Top 6 Growth Hacking Bootcamps

    There are different ways of becoming a growth hacker. Whether to attend a growth hacking bootcamp or take a different path depends on your initial situation and goals.

    Compare price, length, and outcomes as well as other factors, such as instructors, curriculum, and recruitment opportunities. Also, talk to alumni and students about their experience.

    Growth marketing bootcamps are still trying to prove their worth, and it hasn’t always been smooth sailing. Startup Institute, for example, in 2014 expanded its programs to Chicago, Berlin, and London, but had to pull back a year later as it didn’t find traction in those markets.

    A bootcamp won’t make you a growth marketer; you’ll have to build expertise over many years. But it should help you land your first opportunity, so you can start taking action.

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