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    Find and engage
    the right growth expertise

    Our approach is built around understanding your goals and challenges and helping you find specific growth expertise that can deliver results for your business

    1. Tell us what you need

    Submit a brief or talk to our Client Success Manager about your needs and the profile of your ideal growth expert. We also would like to know about your team dynamics, how you like to work, and an expected budget to help us find the right expert for your situation.

    2. Select your expert

    Within several days of receiving your request, we handpick for your consideration candidates from our expert pool with the specific competence and experience that match your needs. You review their pitches, qualifications, interview them, and select the best person for the job.

    3. Collaborate with expert

    As soon as you select the provider and agree on key terms, the provider will be ready to engage as part of your team. The provider will collaborate with you using your preferred communication, project management, and document management tools. You can also use our workspace to communicate with experts and stay on top of their work by reviewing progress and tracking milestones.

    4. Pay for results

    On hourly-rate engagements, experts are paid on a periodic basis agreed with you. Payments for fixed-price contracts are aligned with the progress of work. We collect each payment in advance but hold the funds in a dedicated client account until you indicate that the work has been successfully completed. Once we know you are satisfied, we deduct a 20% service fee and remit the balance to the provider.

    5. Rate your expert

    Once you finish working with the expert, we ask you to rate him or her on multiple criteria, including expertise, quality and timeliness of work, communication, and professionalism. The aggregate rating is taken into account when selecting providers for future projects and contracts and motivates the provider to excel on your job.

    Find a growth expert for your business