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    A Practical Guide to Hiring a Growth Marketer

    Learn how to hire a growth marketer
    who will actually help you scale your business

    What’s the deal with hiring a growth marketer?

    A growth marketer can be a business game-changer, which is why startups and established companies alike are hunting for that scarce talent.

    Hiring one for your team may seem like a job on its own. Who do you look for? How do you find one? And how do you ensure you bring on board the absolute best person for the job?

    The whole process can quickly become overwhelming. And with so much at stake, you cannot afford to hire a growth marketer who doesn’t deliver.

    We have distilled insights from our experience into this comprehensive guide that gives you everything you need to know in order to hire the right growth marketer the first time.

    What a Growth Marketer Does

    1. Who is a Growth Marketer?

    2 min

    Successful companies have embraced a Growth Marketer role as a dedicated position that focuses on growing and retaining engaged user base.