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    About the Platform

    Growth Engineers works with seed stage startups, scaled-up businesses, leading technology companies, and established corporates across a number of different industries and located around the globe.

    Getting Hired

    Growth Engineers is a platform for growth professionals and data-driven digital marketers.

    Both individuals and agencies can apply to become experts on the Growth Engineers platform. Our experts typically share the following characteristics:

    • Strong skills and expertise in one or several functional areas related to growth or digital marketing
    • Demonstrable track record of driving growth for startups or established businesses
    • Experience in managing projects and delivering work to clients

    Beyond strong professional qualifications, they are:

    • Hands-on problem solvers
    • Rigorous and analytical
    • Proactive and self-driven
    • Collaborative and excellent communicators

    If you are a growth professional or a digital marketer, you can fill out a profile on the platform by clicking Become an Expert button.

    We are highly selective in our choice of providers. We have a rigorous screening process to ensure outstanding quality of our experts on several dimensions, including:

    • Work experience
    • Professional qualifications
    • Education
    • Personal qualities
    • Communication skills
    • Language proficiency

    We take into consideration unique circumstances of each provider when reviewing provider’s eligibility to join the platform. Experts on the platform are also expected to maintain the highest standards of quality, professionalism, integrity, and communication while working with clients.

    We will only contact you with opportunities that are relevant to your expertise and your preferences. Please be sure to thoroughly fill out your profile so that all aspects of your qualifications are being considered in relation to a particular project.

    As an expert, you receive an invitation to submit a proposal for an opportunity that is directly relevant to your expertise and interests. Once your proposal has been submitted to the client, the client may decide to contact you for further information or an interview. After the client has reviewed all submitted proposals and selected you for the job, you and the client will negotiate key terms of engagement, including milestones, deliverables, and payment details.
    A service contract is formed directly between you and the client based on accepting the Growth Engineers Terms of Service. You and the client may decide to sign additional agreements, as you see necessary. Once both parties have accepted terms of engagement, you are ready to commence work.
    Client engagements typically last from several weeks to several months.


    You can work either on an hourly/weekly/monthly-rate basis or on a fixed-price contract. If the project has clear deliverables and a definite timeframe, it is best to work under a fixed-price contract. Otherwise, it is best to specify a time-based rate.
    Your rate should take into account industry standards as well as your level of experience and expertise. When setting your fees, please keep in mind that we do not collect any fees from providers.
    You do not need to do anything. Clients sometimes decide to delay the project. Occasionally, opportunities fall through. We will update you on the status of the opportunity and the status of your proposal as soon as we receive information from the client.
    You may terminate an hourly/weekly/monthly-rate contract at any time for any reason. You may terminate a fixed-price contract at any time if the client has not yet made any payment to you. If a payment has been made, you may terminate it only with the client’s consent or after the payment has been refunded to the client.

    Fees and Payments

    As a provider, you do not pay anything for using the platform. There are no fees to join the platform, to bid on opportunities, or to work with clients.
    Payment terms are negotiated directly between the client and the expert before the start of the engagement.
    We collect funds in advance from the client equal to the amount of the next agreed payment to the provider and hold them in a dedicated client account. Once the client accepts the work performed by the provider, we bill the client and release funds to the provider.
    The client is billed by Growth Engineers on your behalf in accordance with the terms agreed on between you and the client. For hourly/weekly/monthly-rate contracts, a client is billed on a regular basis. The client has one week to review and approve or dispute the time billed. For payments under fixed-price contracts, a client is billed immediately after he or she accepts a scheduled deliverable.
    Providers submit bids that are exclusive of VAT. VAT may be applied to provider fees depending on the respective location and taxable status of the client and the provider.
    Payments to providers will be typically made via PayPal or direct transfer. Please contact us to inquire about alternative payment arrangements. We will do our best to accommodate your unique payment needs.
    Growth Engineers will make a payment to the provider no later than 5 business days after the client accepts work submitted by the provider.


    You can request to have your account permanently deleted by contacting us at

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