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    About the Platform

    Typically, clients hire our growth experts to:

    • Design and run growth experiments
    • Drive user traffic to the website, landing pages, social media, apps
    • Test and optimize paid and organic acquisition channels
    • Optimize customer activation and retention
    • Set up and manage data collection and real-time analytics processes
    • Scale and automate growth processes
    • Validate new products and features
    • Build and manage a growth team

    We provide growth expertise across most industry sectors. Our experts often have experience in more than one industry sector and therefore enable you to learn from best practices from across industries.

    Our experts work with startups, small and mid-size businesses, and large enterprise clients. We also work with growth hacking and digital marketing agencies. There is no client too big or too small.

    Getting Started

    You start by signing up as a client or calling us. You need to provide a brief, defining your goals, skills and track record of the candidate you are looking for, estimated budget, and expected length of engagement. We handpick the most relevant experts from our network for your specific needs and solicit bids from them on your behalf. You then review their suitability to find the best fit and value. If none is quite right, we will provide additional candidates until you find the right expert. Then, you and the expert agree on deliverables, payment structure, and other key terms, and the expert is ready to work for you.
    Providing a clear brief is the most important part of the hiring process. Take the time to describe the problem you are trying to solve, your requirements, and the profile of your ideal candidate. A detailed brief allows us to quickly match you with the right expert.
    It usually takes us up to five working days to provide you with a short list of candidates. If we do not have anyone in our network who meets your requirements or is ready to work immediately, we will notify you and work to find the right provider outside our network as quickly as possible.
    You and the provider enter into a service contract by accepting the Growth Engineers’ Terms of Service. You and the expert may agree on additional terms as necessary.


    Our platform allows you to exchange messages and files with the provider. We encourage you to use workspace on the platform to communicate with the provider regarding deliverables, deadlines, payments, and other important engagement matters. This will help us quickly resolve any issues that may come up. You can also use other communication channels outside the platform, such as chat, phone calls or videoconferencing, to communicate with your expert on a regular basis and make sure the work is progressing according to your expectations.
    Experts are independent contractors and are responsible for delivering work to clients.
    We advise you to be clear with the expert from the start. Go over what is expected from the provider, how and how often you will communicate, how the work will be delivered, and anything else important to the success of the project. Be in regular contact to make sure the expectations are being met. Our team is also available to help you address any problems or concerns.
    We vet our experts to ensure you have access to top-quality growth talent. If for whatever reason you are not satisfied with a particular expert after work has commenced, you can terminate the contract, and we will work to offer you a replacement as quickly as possible.
    You may terminate your hourly-rate contract at any time; however, you remain obligated to pay for any work the provider completed prior to termination. You may also terminate your fixed-price contract at any time but may not recover payments already made.

    Fees and Payments

    You can hire an expert either on an hourly basis or on a fixed-price contract. If the project has clear deliverables and a definite timeframe, it is usually best to work under a fixed-price contract. Otherwise, it is best to specify an hourly rate.
    Providers submit bids that are exclusive of VAT. VAT may be applied to provider fees depending on the respective location and taxable status of the client and the provider. Clients in the UK and the EU need to provide their VAT number, so that invoices from the provider to the client can be marked “VAT Reverse Charged”, when appropriate.
    Payments for fixed-price projects are tied to project completion or, in case of projects with larger budgets and longer duration, to project milestones. For hourly-rate engagements, the provider invoices the client on a regular basis agreed to by the client and the provider. In each case, we collect funds in advance from the client equal to the amount of the next agreed payment to the provider and release them to the provider, less our fee, once the client accepts the work performed by the provider.
    We charge providers a service fee of 20% of the amounts paid by the client to the provider. We deduct the fee from the amounts that a client pays to a provider before remitting the balance.


    Our providers work both remotely and on-site. If you require an expert on site, we do our best to find a provider near you or one willing to relocate/travel to your location for the duration of the project.
    It is normal practice for clients to re-hire experts for additional work. As set out in the Terms of Service, any additional or follow-on work with an expert within 12 months of the finish date of the previous project must be completed through the Growth Engineers platform.
    You can use Growth Engineers to find the right candidate for your full-time growth position by either hiring them right away or first engaging them on a short-term project as a trial. If you decide to hire an expert on a full-time basis and the expert agrees to this arrangement, we charge a one-time introduction fee in the amount of 20% of the expert’s gross annual compensation, as defined in the Terms of Service.
    First, when you post your brief, you have the option of keeping your company details confidential. Second, we only make your brief visible to those experts who are invited to submit proposals. Finally, all experts must sign Terms of Service, covering confidentiality obligations, prior to using the Growth Engineers platform. You can also have your expert sign an additional NDA, if needed.
    You can request to have your account permanently deleted by contacting us at

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