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    Successful startups have embraced a Growth Marketer role as a dedicated position that focuses on growing and retaining engaged user base. Known by various designations, including Growth Engineer, Growth Hacker, User Acquisition Manager, Performance Marketer, and Growth Manager, it is the person responsible for achieving on all or a subset of your growth goals. This individual will decide how much you need to grow – and how you are going to do it.

    A Growth Marketer can help you:

    • Set growth objectives

    • Come up with a model for how your product grows

    • Design and deploy growth experiments using a systematic approach

    • Discover new acquisition channels and tactics

    • Optimize conversion funnel

    • Perform data-driven testing and analysis to maximize the marketing ROI

    • Automate, scale and systematize the growth process


    For businesses that have achieved early growth success and are looking to scale, building a full-fledged growth team is the next logical step. While growth team composition may vary depending on the company situation and the industry, growth team roles typically cover the following four areas of expertise: engineering, design, marketing, and analytics. The dedicated resources enable the growth team to accelerate experiment velocity and improve idea generation. Head of Growth coordinates growth team activities and could be either a separate role or share one of the other team roles.

    Head of Growth

    Head of Growth, variously known as Growth PM, VP Growth, and Director of Growth, manages the growth team, guiding the experimentation process and making sure that the team is focusing on ideas and strategies that are moving the needle on the company’s critical growth metrics.

    The Head of Growth will help you:

    • Build and manage a growth team
    • Establish best practices and determine the tool sets needed for conducting growth experiments
    • Prioritize growth opportunities using a data-driven approach
    • Develop strategies for acquisition and retention
    • Oversee design, build, and release of growth features
    • Interpret results of growth experiments

    Full-Stack Engineer

    Full-Stack Engineers are versatile developers possessing technical and analytical skills needed to implement and execute growth experiments across the entire marketing funnel. They are passionate about creative problem solving, agile development, and validated learning.

    A Full-Stack Engineer can help you:

    • Come up with product ideas and deploy them as A/B tests
    • Design product flows and features to validate a given idea
    • Implement activation, retention, and virality features
    • Develop in-house acquisition tools across marketing channels
    • Set up the back-end infrastructure to collect and analyze the right data

    UX/UI Designer

    A UX/UI Designer on a growth team is a front-end developer with a good design sense and a knack for driving user growth and engagement. He or she is charged with designing and implementing front-end component of growth experiments in order to build traffic, leads, and engagement.

    A UX/UI Designer can help you:

    • Improve UX/UI and product design to increase conversion
    • Experiment with user flows within the product
    • Optimize landing pages, onboarding flow, and email templates
    • Develop graphic design for growth marketing campaigns
    • Design microsites aimed at target audiences

    Technical Marketer

    A Technical Marketer is a data-driven, technically savvy marketing professional with a T-shaped skill set and experience in a variety of marketing channels. He or she is focused on driving customer acquisition growth and engagement through new tactics and channels.

    A Technical Marketer can help you:

    • Research and test new acquisition tactics and channels
    • Design and deploy growth experiments to improve funnel metrics
    • Create, launch, and optimize acquisition campaigns across channels
    • Optimize the effectiveness of paid and organic channels

    Content Marketer

    A Content Marketer helps build the content in support of growth team activities, which could include press releases, website copy, email copy, landing page copy, blog posts, and more.

    A Content Marketer can help you:

    • Define content roadmap in support of growth initiatives
    • Research and produce content in a given category, including guides and other long-form pieces of content
    • Optimize content for social shares and search engines
    • Repurpose content
    • Run experiments to optimize content-related metrics
    • Identify new platforms and distribution channels for content
    • Network with influencers within the category

    Data Analyst

    Analytics is a must-have capability on a growth team. The process of growth experimentation relies on data insights and metrics, so you need someone who can capture, query, process, and analyze data.

    A Data Analyst can help you:

    • Set up data collection and real-time analytics processes
    • Define key metrics and create dashboards for the entire growth team
    • Collect experiment data and measure results of growth experiments
    • Discover insights and generate product and marketing ideas for user growth and engagement